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Alan Lakein – Author, 3 million copy best-seller, “How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life”

First the good news, the dictionary makes clear you cannot procrastinate until you have done two things:1. Announce the item is your A-1 Top priority, and
2. not do it.
This means that as long as you’re vague about an item you are not procrastinating.The best news comes from Time Management – if you can label the item an A-1, and consistently keep in your mind that it is the A-1, you’ll never have to do it. In the natural course of things the A-1 item will come to your attention when you’re feeling energetic, and will get it done.

quote.jpgHmmm.  I read and read and read that comment, but am still fairly unclear on where you were going with it.  So I went back to the dictionary and looked up the definition:


  1. To defer action or delay 2. To put off until another day or time

Yahoo Education

  1. To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.

Merriam Webster

  1. To put off intentionally and habitually2.to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done

I could list many more – but no where did I find anything to do with prioritizing your procrastination – the very statement sounds like procrastination.  If you’re vague about an item you’re not procrastinating?  I am so so so so so lost.  Just because you chose not to recognize the item, task or job at hand does not mean it does not exist.  Just because you chose not to recognize the item, task or job at hand does not mean it does not have to get done.  In all actuality – by doing both of these – you are habitually becoming a procrastinator. 

I open the floor to you Alan and look forward to a clear cut explanation of where you were going with this – as I do not understand the concept. 

If I make an item A-1 and do not do it – I am not procrastinating because it is an A-1 item, but since it IS an A-1 item it will get done anyway – by itself – so I do not have to do it – it is done… – IS that what you are saying?  Because that makes no sense…


Adam Hunter – Owner, NextGen Gamer

I think we all procrastinate in our personal and business lives.There are some tasks I can’t wait to tackle and others I delay as long as possible. If you enjoy doing something you are more likely to tackle it promptly and effectively.When I continuously procrastinate on a specific task I look to eliminate / outsource / improve it so that it is no longer part of my routine and/or completed by someone who actually enjoys doing it!

quote.jpgI agree completely.  I think that to some extent we all procrastinate.  Let’s face it there are just things we do not want to do.  But your comment about finding that item and working at it in whatever way you can to eliminate it – well that is a positive approach to eliminating procrastination.  Divide the project and conquer the goal.  I like to look for that ONE thing I hate to do – and make it the FIRST thing I do every day – makes my day so much better when I work that way. 


Mackie Ozcoidi – Finance & IT at Chevron Corporation

Hello Benny, I do not see procrastination necessarily as a bad thing. It depends on what you are procrastinating, and why. In my day to day, it is indeed a huge bummer to have incomplete issues lying around – call it paperwork, projects, or what you will – so I try to get the monkey off my back as fast as possible, trying to start my work day – whenever possible – with the one task I dislike the most; And as one of my bosses used to say, to “touch the ball just once”.

quote.jpgFunny thing Mackei – it seems you say it is not a bad thing, but then you do the very tings that are needed to eliminate Procrasti-Nation.  Starting your day with that one thing you really would rather do and getting it out of the way – it the perfect way to start your day!


Chris Giddings – Web Administrator at Comair, Inc.

I agree that procrastination is generally a habit which is not desirable. If you put off the inevitable you may encounter issues which elongate your route to the inevitable answer & completion of the task and thus extend the period by which it takes you to complete the task in general.I’m a workaholic, so I don’t have so much of an issue with this, but on occasion I do browse the web at work for ten minutes here or there.I’m in IT so the mind breaks are useful when tackling an issue which seems to have an elusive resolution.

quote.jpgClearing and resting your mind are very useful things to do.  It is not that you are procrastinating it is a way for you to focus.  Hey – I love searching the web.  It has both relaxing and recreational attributes.  It also allows the mind to relax and let those subconscious thoughts come to the surface.


Ravi A. Joshi – Lead Engineer at Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd

Hi Ben,The blog has come up nicely. However, I don’t really agree with the fact that procrastination is really bad, given its definition especially. All I understand from the term Procrastination is “Putting-off”. It could be habitual of proactively. Here I am introducing a concept of “Proactive Procrastination”. It means that something that is put-off intentionally.In this all changing world, the changes have been and will be so rapid that every single problem or issue that requires a solution takes its own time to get resolved. So, often one comes face-to-face with the problem which either doesn’t have a solution or the solution cannot be executed for whatever reasons. In that case allowing it get resolved on itself is the best choice to solve the issue. This is called “Proactive Procrastination”.So, my take on this is, that Procrastination is not always bad. It can be used to advantage if used carefully.Hope that provided a different perspective to the discussion. Regards, -Ravi A. Joshi 

quote.jpgRavi, Ravi, Ravi – I think Ostriches use the same theory of Proactive Procrastination you describe.  Burying your head in the sand and hoping that your problem goes away helps no one – especially not you.  I have always taught the members of the teams that work with me that burying your head in the sand is equal to burying your goals there as well.  Go back and dig those thoughts and goals and plans up and get to it!


Joel Landoe – Supplier Quality Engineer at Boeing Company

I have found that Procrastination is a word used to describe two distinct states of mind that leads to inaction. 1. Lack of appreciation for past progress up until this point. 2. An overwhelmed feeling that there is too much work left to do, which leads to debilitating retreat to comfort foods, inaction, laziness and sleeping too much (my favorite). Once you understand these root causes of the procrastination problem, you can better strategize how to overcome it. One thing that has helped me is to focus on number 1, get excited! Think about how the current project is a reflection on your entire life’s growth and development up to this point!!! Get your heart into it. Think about the very fact that you are struggling with the task shows how much you have grown in the past 5 years or ten years. Remind yourself the great progress we have made up to this point, and the mindlessness associated with stopping or not going forward. Wake yourself up!!! Then I try to focus on taking small steps on number two (2) or get help from others that have an understanding of how to solve problems. This may require us to swallow our pride, another root cause of procrastination.

quote.jpgFantastic comment Joel!  Start with a plan, and then get an charged emotional desire behind it.  Realize that this is what you want to do and get it done.  Getting help from others, working with others is another fantastic way to make things move along.  Your Master Mind group and your Plan are two important steps to your final success!


Robert Poulk – LAN/WAN/Systems Troubleshooter

WARNING: Rant Ahead — “Procrastination” is one of those beautiful Victorian polysyllabic constructs like “Recidivist” and “Misogynist” that we keep around because they allow us to sound really monumentally judgmental, on a scale so huge that no one save those whose vocabulary matches or exceeds our own dare challenge us. Racist is an equally pejorative dismissal, but its a little word that just about everybody can probably figure out, so it carries no weight. I mean, who but the very highly educated and therefore more powerful would even know how to spell “Procrastinator”, let alone who to apply it to?From where I sit, “Procrastinators” just don’t do things they way others think they should be done and people who use the word don’t have the interpersonal skills or respect to figure out any way other besides assigning a pejorative label to people in order to make them do things their way. OK. End of rant. Robert

quote.jpgHey and I thought that was how people defined Kinky  –no, no, no– Little words vs. big words – another war for another time.  So let me get this rodomontade straight; the well-educated, the pretentious, the well-to-do have invented and continued to use the word procrastination against the oppressed and truly uneducated people of the world.  Hmmm – The powerful with their descriptive multi-vocabularic-dictionary-of-the-mind have been able to keep down those who challenge the very system of non-inertia by perpetuating the use of a polysyllabic term? Oh fiddle-faddle!  Just an alibi – an excuse – a procrastination!  I wonder how much more would get done if people who spent their days coming up with alibis for not doing anything spent as much time actually doing something – the things that make you go hmmmm.


Ed DeCosta – Executive Coach / Management Consultant

Two great pieces of advice that I received long ago and use to this day: 1. Break down daunting projects into smaller steps. 2. Make a public commitment to reach the goal. Be accountable to someone.Good luck!

quote.jpgGreat Idea!  It’s like looking at that huge book you have to read for your most recent assignment.  The book looks huge and daunting.  That feelings of procrasti-NATION starts to well up in you so much so that you want to surf the net for momma jokes; But if you look at that book as a series of little events (chapters) to the completion of my goal isn’t it just so much easier to tackle the project at hand! Break down those big projects into smaller challenges and soon they are all done!


Clinton Brown – Owner at Exponent Studios

The trouble with procrastination is that it typically gives a rush at some point. I like the stimulus of working under pressure and procrastination provides that stimulus. Some people procrastinate because of laziness, or perfectionism, but when I do it, I do it for the natural caffeine high, kick in the pants, and work under pressure stimulus. I do however hate procrastination mixed with a sense of entitlement, i.e. put off the essay, project, whatever; miss the deadline, expect professor/boss to “deal” with it and allow leniency. That is selfishness. I say…if you are a procrastinator, then at least make deadline.

quote.jpgWhat an interesting thought; Procrastination as stimulation – close to an oxymoron – perhaps?  Putting of till tomorrow so I can create a false sense of urgency today – Hmmm.  Seems like a whole lot of trouble to go through to make your work fun.  Maybe there just isn’t enough on your plate – or your job is not pushing you hard enough or you’re not pushing yourself hard enough.  Do today what you should be doing tomorrow and tomorrow you will be the President of the company you work for today! – quote me on it!


Earlier voices on Procrastination!


Marc LeVine – Owner, Integrity Consulting Associates

An old boss of mine used to say – “Do SOMETHING.” He was right.

The way he explained it was – “at least if you do SOMETHING, you have a 50/50 chance of succeeding.

If you do NOTHING you have 100% chance of failing.”

“THANKS for the comment Marc.  The one thing I really like about your bosses comment is he is telling you to make a decision.  Yes making a decision is the difference between the 2% of people who get to those goals and the balance that seem to be going ‘round in circles.  Making a decision, any decision is step one to success.  I think your odds may not be 50/50 but at least you are in the game when you make a choice!”


Patrick Matherne – Student at University of New Orleans

I never procrastinate I just have an elaborate time line to do things that give me ample time to rest and make sure I do not get burned out

Honestly procrastination is a symptom of a problem, if you want to solve it you need to define [it and] then correct problem and not the symptom. To me this is where most management makes mistakes.

“Hey Patrick, Procrastination is more than the symptom of a problem – it is the problem.  There are many symptoms of the Procrasti-NATION, and I am pretty sure we all can easily come up with dozens.  We all have to work at the elimination of procrastination”


Damian Wojsław – It operations specialist at BLStream Sp. z o. o.

It is one thing to procrastinate and other to delay decisions and actions when we may gain from the delay.

Giving a careful thought, planning better, and looking for more recourse.

It is right if it is not a tool to delay acting forever. I have a tendency to procrastinate and I often cite the above reasons, while I really, really know that I just can’t get myself to do the thing.

My procrastination is driven by one of main fears behind most of procrastinators: fear of not being perfect.

When faced with matter I’ve never had to touch before, my first step is to educate myself. I look up articles and books on the matter.

The problem is, I sometimes feel the fear that I still know too little and will do the thing wrong. The key to start working is to remind myself, all the time I am working on such matter, that no one knows everything and that making mistakes is not bad thing as long, as I try to prepare for them. And that I can stand up and acknowledge them and ask my coworkers for advice. Which actually doesn’t make me less professional. But the fear for being unprofessional remains. And attacks every time. And it’s hard to beat down.

“Damian you make two distinct points with your comment.  There is no gain from the act of procrastination.  You may be holding of on making a decision because you want to make an educated one, and that is not bad – just not great.  It is always good/better to make your decision and move on from that.  You will never know everything, so why waste time – make your decision and move forward with it!  Replace the fear from your mind with faith in yourself.  The beauty here is that faith and fear cannot share the same space, so the more faith you have in yourself and your choices, the less fear you will have  –  until you ultimately have full faith and no more fear!”


Amanda Strange– Internal Wholesaler at Direct Capital Securities

My grandmother used to say:Procrastination is my friend It brings me naught but sorrow I think that I shall give it up Perhaps I will tomorrow! Seriously, I have found that personally the best way to avoid procrastination is to

1. Stop thinking and

2. Start acting!

It’s really that simple!

We spend more time complaining about and wishing we did not have to accomplish a task that we could have already completed it three times over!

“Amanda, I really love the simplicity.  If more people would spend the time working on what it is they need to get done and less time thinking of excuses as to why they should not do it just imagine everything that would get done, and how much more free time you would have to enjoy your life!”


Subashini P (PMP)– Experienced IT Professional and Project Manager

It’s not about my own case. But from project management perspective I tried to think how I would handle such people!!!

I have noticed people who are proactive and plan everything ahead of time handle things well in predictable situations and as long as everything goes as per their plan. But often I find them unable to cope up with situations that they have not planned for. Sometimes they just freeze during crisis situation.

And also the people, whom I perceive to be lazy or procrastinate, stand up on a crisis and resolve things much better; though, they are not good at situations that require disciplined planning and proactive approach…

And since there is an element of unpredictability in every aspect of life, guess I would like to take advantage of it.

In IT project management, if I have to select a team to work with, I would like to have a mix of both types of people to ensure either of those situations could be handled 🙂

(Of course it calls for some additional judgmental skills, some extra effort, justifying to self and others about their place in team if such a crisis situation doesn’t arise etc… but at the end of the day it might be still be worth it)

“Subashini I see that you agree that Procrasti-Nation needs to end.  I am not quite sure I understand the analogy.  People who over-prepare often only prepare for the specific task at hand, and that may be one of the reasons they fail when they are faced with something outside of their comfort zone.  It is a reason why you should always have a group of people – a Master Mind – to work with on all situations!”


Tim Owens – Strategist/Consultant at The Productivity Firm

Procrastination usually means the person has no clarity and the desire to realize the benefit of doing ‘the thing’ they ought to do is outweighed by the benefit of not doing the thing. They are resisting because they aren’t committed a compelling reason or big WHY.

Suggestion: Get crystal clear on the why? Connect with the overall picture and commit 100% to either doing the task or not doing it. Getting stuck in the middle just sucks your energy dry like a vampire. In or out, Yes or No, make powerful choices and decisions and be fully committed to what you decide…That means no more thinking about it once it is done either way.


“Tim, getting crystal clear and getting focused is definitely a major key in defeating Procrasti-NATION.  One of the things I really recommend is looking at your to-do list and every morning starting with the ONE thing you really do not want to do.  Once that is out of the way – the rest of the day is going to be great.  Turn that into your daily habit and life is better and better!”


Mohamed Tohami – Author and Motivational Speaker

“You don’t have to get it right; you just need to get it going” – Mike Litman

Divide the task into the smallest parts possible, and then go do one of them.

Momentum will take care of the rest 🙂

Example: Have you ever tried to commit yourself to reading just one page in a book and then you ended up reading a full chapter?!

That is the combined power of DIVISION & MOMENTUM.

Regards, Tohami

“Mohamed rocks, “that is really hitting the nail on the head.”  You need to get going – you are not always going to get it right and use the get it wrong as a learning experience but get going! ”


Noel Ramos-Owner, InterMixx.com, Inc. Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Publisher, Music Conference Director

I focus on the first three letters – PRO. I try to substitute “active” for the crasti-nasty. Finding creative ways to be pro-active can be fun, and making your tasks fun to do is the quickest way to kill the crasties.

“I have never heard of them called the nasty-crasties, Noel, but damn it is so right!  Being pro-active and making your day and tasks fun – in anyway you can think of, is a great way to defeat Procrasti-NATION!”


Kevin Kimbrough– Owner, X-OUT

Procrastination is the key to failure.

“Kevin, you are so right.  Procrastination the number one key to failure, as it is the direct opposite to Motivation!”


Krishnan G –Manager HR (CDT) at Advanced Electronics Company

I have effectively use the technique of procrastination to my advantage, any decision which are controversial I do procrastinate and take it up subsequently, this helped to look at the problem in different perspective with a clear mind. So procrastination is not a bad word, it is what and how long you procrastinate that makes it look like a bad word.

“Thanks for the comment Marc.  The one thing I really like about your bosses comment is he is telling you to make a decision.  Yes making a decision is the difference between the 2% of people who get to those goals and the balance that seem to be going ‘round in circles.  Making a decision, any decision is step one to success.  I think your odds may not be 50/50 but at least you are in the game when you make a choice!”


Dattatreyulu Jammalamadaka– Director (operations) at Singareni Collieries Company Limited

I feel procrastination is criminal especially in senior management. People down the line when look to the top management for timely decisions, procrastination leads to loss of morale. In the fast changing business world decisions have to be fast and urgency has to be pumped up instead of waiting for things to happen at their own pace. O course lying over some decisions for sometime would also be of help to resolve complex issues.

“Dattatreyulu, criminal may be a harsh word to use, but it is definitely detrimental to the future success of the company or the person. A great leader has to show those he works with and works for that he can and will make quick and definitive decisions.  There is no room for Procrasti-NATION!”


Pilar Arthur-Snead– Changing the World – One Financial Solution at a Time!

I try to figure out why I am putting off the task at hand so I can effectively debunk the irrationality of the underlying issue.

For instance, calling potential prospects has a huge procrastination factor attached to it. Why: Fear of Rejection. Answer to moving forward: Asking myself: What’s the absolute worst that could happen if I call the prospect? They might say no not interested, they might hang up on me, OR they might say yes! Next Step: Pick up the phone, dial that number and let ‘her rip!

There is a great article at Success Magazine on how to beat procrastination.

From Success Magazine:

4 Tips to Becoming More Productive

1. Create a trusted system Your system should be a clear and organized inventory of your commitments. Remember it has to work for you.

2. It’s you not your time. Understand effective time management is really self-management. Your goals need to show up on your radar in a useful way. Define and review projects as you move toward the goal line.

3. What’s next? Ask yourself, what’s the next action I should take? Repeatedly asking this question can help your prioritize what’s important and keep you moving forward.

4. When you think it, ink it. Define actionable items into outcomes and concrete steps.

“Fear is a definite cause of Procrastination.  What I have learned and what I have always taught is that you need to have faith; Faith in yourself and faith in the task at hand.  Faith and Fear make horrible bedfellows, so as you increase the level of faith you automatically decrease the levels of fear, eventually wiping fear out entirely.  Definite actions make definite results – great comment Pilar!”


Ayush Vyas-Manager – Training & Development

The procrastinators must understand that not acting on an issue is an action by itself. Of course, one of the facets of proficiency is being able to differentiate between ‘need more time or information to arrive at a decision/ not being competent to arrive at a decision/ prioritizing/ being lazy.

“Avush, not acting is not an action, since the word acting comes from the word action or vice versa.  The very inaction is what makes Procrasti-NATION stronger and stronger.  You need to act, act quickly and definitively.”


Terri Lloyd– Principle Creative Madcap, Terri Lloyd Company

When I find myself procrastinating, and it happens, I have to take a hard look at what is really going on.

Since I work in a creative business, sometimes I need the pressure of a deadline to push process, like birth. But this is not always the case.

Sometimes a little goofing off or distraction is exactly what the brain needs to process all the input so that I can produce at mastery instead of worker bee level.

“Terri, I wonder if birth would sit still to procrastination, I think not!  I have often said that time alone to think and ponder the situation is in no way a bad thing, and I am an advocate of goofing off – we all need time to relax and enjoy, just not when there is a job at hand and a decision needs to be made as to its accomplishment!”


Madhu Sameer– Analyzed yet thoroughly Confused; the more she learns, the less she knows!!!

Push unto tomorrow what you can do today…….

Guilty as charged……very very guilty!

“Madu, good thing it is not that criminal activity that was previously mentioned.  Now that you know you are guilty – change.  Make the choice and decision that you are going to eliminate Procrasti-NATION


Miccilina Piraino [LION]-Writer/Author/Poet; Educator with Marketing/PR , Cust /Svc and Non-Profit Experience.

Benny: Can I answer this question tomorrow!? LOL, Can I put off the off putting until I can get a better handle on my strategy? Uhh! I think I just decided to go ahead and be bold after all – I dislike em too! Have to kick em out and tell em Don’t come back later – I will have moved from this place!

“Micci – making that decision to go ahead – being bold and getting it done is EXACTLY what you need to do!”


Miskin B.G.– Sr. Training Consultant at Stimulus Consulting Pvt.Ltd.

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today; cuz if you like doing it today, you can AGAIN do it tomorrow!! 😉

If you observe, we usually procrastinate those tasks which we don’t like to do; or those for which we don’t have a ready solution. Then we rest on the notion that “Time is a big healer”. Whatever we ‘love’ doing, we would like to do today itself.

So if you want to beat procrastination, dissect the task and try to ascertain which is that aspect in it which you either don’t like or don’t have a solution for. Then there are two ways you can approach:

1. Hit right on the head of the nail: Finish doing that part of the task which you don’t like or don’t have solution for. The rest will take care of itself.

2. Leave the unpleasant. And approach the rest. As it is, you don’t find challenges in completing the part of task which you like doing! Then when you have to do the unpleasant aspect:

– Ask yourself and find out why you don’t like what you don’t like; – When you approach the whole task as an issue, solutions seems difficult. However when you have pinpointed the core issue in the task, the issue itself will start looking smaller and the solution easier. – Set a time limit for finishing the task (even after being postponed) – build in a reward for yourself for finishing the unpleasant aspect. – Make a habit of writing down a list of tasks you usually procrastinate. – DO IT NOW!

“The thought is perfect Mishkin, The way to tackle the “I’ll leave it till tomorrow or later” is to look at your to-do list, find that ONE thing you really do not want to do, and make sure it is the first thing you do!  Get the crappy part out of the way early and make it a habit – then the rest of every day is great!”


Harish Nair– Founder , Ragnar & Rearden Consultants

This is perhaps one of the finest virtues of man Which unfortunately the timekeepers Have deemed to be a huge huge crime

Common, it ok, to look away, pretend its not there Sometimes it simply goes away

Whoever started this game Was indeed an intelligent being Time that brought the problem to now Will solve it in its own style and how

Here’s Wisdom do not now what can be done tomorrow What can be done tomorrow Need not be done anyway What’s the hurry, life is long There’s always time if you need any, you can take mine…

“Thanks for the comment Harish, though I hope you really do not believe there is any virtue in procrastination.  The future of Harish is at stake and your watching it all slip away.”


Christopher Richards– Writer and consultant –


With breathless alacrity I pounce on your question of procrastination. The word makes me shudder. Something must be done about procrastination! And I say this in all insincerity.

Perhaps our government should be pouring tax dollars into a War on Procrastination? War on things is so popular at the moment. Will it catch the imagination of the public? And would combatants be treated harshly, or would they be given getting ready classes?

Another word for procrastination is resistance. And who hasn’t experienced that? I know I have. I should be doing something else right now, instead of thoroughly enjoying myself writing this. I sit at my computer with every intention of getting down to it, my shoulder to the wheel, gritting my teeth, nose to the grindstone. But somehow this position doesn’t make me feel like working. So my answer is to have a cup of tea and give it all more thought.

And then when trying some creative writing I have to call upon my Muse. And if she is not around, or in a bad mood, then I had just better wait. You may call it procrastination, but I call it suffering. Now I really do have to get back to real work.

For more on my Muse and my fictional International Institute of Not Doing Much, please see the links below.

Yours in fun,


“Thanks Chris, Let it never be said that I can always look to you for the best of the best when it comes to tongue-in-cheek, make me think, what did he say statements!  Since I am not going to comment on our fine government and its spending – I am willing to bet a spending spree on the elimination of Procrasti-NATION would go over better than another dollar spent in Iraq…”


Amanda Conger– Mechanical Engineer at Inergi

I use my natural tendency to procrastinate to my advantage. I “put off” doing one thing by doing another that also needs doing. A few years ago I read an essay (see the link) that defined this as “structured procrastination” and which describes what I do quite well.

The trick is to keep your plate full. I find that when we get into a lull at work, my productivity drops because if I only have one thing to do then that pretty much guarantees I won’t *want* to do it.

“Thanks Amanda – Is keeping your plate full of projects that you need to act and react on, and make decision towards actually procrastination?  The only thing you are doing is making it s long day/week by putting of those bad tasks to a later time, your still doing them, so why not get them out of the way first!”


Matthew McBride– CFO/General Counsel of Riverside Spline & Gear, Inc.

All joking aside, I think procrastination can make failures out of the most talented of people. I also think that all people procrastinate to some degree.

Usually when I feel like I’m procrastinating, I notice that one of two things is happening. The first situation leading to my procrastination is having so much to do that it feels like hours spent trying to catch up only put dent in the backlog. The frustration leads to a subconscious attitude of sloth, based on a feeling of hopelessness at the situation. The fix is to make a to-do list which does not list projects which need to be completed, but mere next steps in the projects that need to be completed. The items on the list can be crossed off quickly, giving me the impression that I’m accomplishing something and motivates me to keep at it.

The second situation that I’ve found leads to procrastination is a by-product of the first. After being buried in work, and busting my hump to dig my way out, I start to get satisfied with myself and start to slow down. It’s as if I feel I deserve a little down-time. The fix to this problem is just to recognize it happening and to have some will power to fight off the temptation to slack off.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have huge back-log of work to sift through and I’m in the process of making a to-do list.

“Mathew, go make those phone calls, because you know that the harder you work and the smarter you manage your time, the more successful you will become!”



11 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Ayush Vyas  |  March 18, 2008 at 10:31 am

    If only there was a solution that was customized to ascertain my priorities!!
    The only way that I can do that is to do it myself…and NOW.
    As for prioritizing – I do it…I commit mistakes…I learn…I do it again…I do it better now.
    The more I do anything…the more mistakes I make (initially)…the more I learn…the more profecient I become.
    That works…

    For Sure – The more you work – the more mistakes you make – the more yu learn – the more proficient you become.
    From each of your failures – comes the seeds of your success!
    Your solution can be customized to fit YOU – But it starts with the decision that it is what you want to do and that you DO IT!

  • 2. Terri Lloyd  |  March 18, 2008 at 12:25 pm

    I send you a big hug! Thanks so much for sharing my words with the rest of the world.

    You know, there is scientific data that supports a bit of this procrastination process. It’s actually how the brain works. But I hate to baffle people with this info. After all, I have a, um, creative reputation to maintain. Ha ha ha!

    With that CREATIVE mind to tend to – I assume I will see a great entry to the Procrasti-NATION I.D. Card Page.

    I heard and have seen that the creative mind tends to wander – But now imagine how much more you get done when your meandering has focus!


  • 3. Micci Piraino  |  March 18, 2008 at 2:38 pm

    No matter how many times I see my own comments in print, it still thrills me – I am a writer and I really love when I can share myself through my words.

    Then welcome to a place where we encourage the exchange of ideas…


  • 4. Miskin  |  March 19, 2008 at 12:14 am

    Hey Benny,

    You’ve done a great job!!! How come you did not postpone it? 😉

    Funny Guy –
    So when do I get your official I.D. Card?
    Stop Procrastinating!

  • 5. Harish Nair  |  March 19, 2008 at 2:28 am

    Hi Benny,

    Thanks for putting it here ….Now the whole wide world can know the virtues of procastination… [wink wink]

    Harish Nair


    Well they know YOUR views – anyway
    Hey – I did not get your I.D. Card yet – so – let’s get to it!

  • 6. Noel Ramos  |  March 24, 2008 at 3:11 pm

    Thank you Benny! I do not wish to become a member of the Procrasti-NATION, but if you start issuing I.D. Cards for the Motiv-NATION I am all in!


    – Noel


    Noel – You may have had the idea of the day –

    Since we have members of Procrasti-NATION and members of Procrasti-NATION that have created cards for the sole purpose of destryoying them as part of their secession. If you check out the following post about Procrasti-NATION being under attack – I listed 25 invading attributes. Maybe we need to get cards for citizens of each of the seperate attributes, or combined citizenships on each card… Hmmm great idea

  • 7. Terri Lloyd  |  March 24, 2008 at 3:27 pm

    I can tell you’ve never given birth or pushed a 20 pound watermelon through your loins. Ha ha ha! My sisters will probably join me in laughter here.

    Indeed between contractions there is actually a break. Indeed during the process we are asked not to push, not just yet, even though that little head may seem to be crowning and what we really really want to do is push that thing out NOW. But it just ain’t time. And why, why did my husband do this thing to me… (and when the wee one is 16 and driving us nuts I’ll ask this question again. Actually I did.)

    My comment wasn’t about not achieving or accomplishing. Quite the contrary. You see, scientifically, tasks at hand or not, the brain doesn’t function, cannot function under duress. You’ve heard the old adage about being too busy sawing the tree to stop ad sharpen the saw? Same sort of thing. The brain actually needs to take a break in order to do what it does.

    While it’s always good practice to do something, it may not be at the level of mastery. And I’m known for stopping the presses if need be. Drives ’em nuts, sure. I’d rather give the client mastery level ROI than worker bee achievement. This is, after all, what they pay me for. (Ye gads, I sound arrogant! My apologies.)

    And I thank the stars everyday that I have not given birth to a 20lb watermelon – through any part of my body (much less my loins). I wonder – the breaks you take during child birth… procrastination? Nope – a decision made for the health and welfare of you and the loin-buster. I think that taking time away from a specific project to give it thought outside of the box is never an issue – putting it off – because you do not want to do it – well that is~! I have always told my creative people – and that is not limited to the “old school” creative departments – that I want them to spend a portion of their day – away from the task at hand – and think freely and creativley – it is not procrastination — it is freeing the mind and relaxing the mind – to be even better at what it does!


  • 8. Terri Lloyd  |  March 24, 2008 at 6:38 pm

    I love you! Loinbusters! Ha ha ha!
    We are in agreement, watermelons and all.

  • 9. dattatreyulu  |  March 24, 2008 at 10:50 pm


  • 10. Harish Nair  |  March 25, 2008 at 2:13 am

    Hi Benny,

    I understand where you are coming from. Yet i believe, procastination whether its a virtue or a vice is totally dependent on the context. In many cases, we do not like to do something and push it for later, for reasons that we understand or we dont, somehow there would be something that holds us back…its at times like these, to go against our normal pressure to act and resolve, that i advise that we stop and ponder. Indeed, procastination is our intuitive mechanism asking for time…and i think its many a times wiser to listen to it.

    The western concept of action and [indeed mindless action]
    and speed and goals and targets and such has created a society where time has lost its beauty and man is just a small cog in a mindless machine processing life in quantity rather than quality. So whilst, its important to do what you should and must do, its important to heed to your intuition and that small voice which asks for a delay…not listening to it may get you a small tick on your to do list, but you will never know what is lost and what could have happened had you waited.

    Finally, procastination would have saved billlions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives if Bush had procastinated… hundreds of lives would have been saved had those cops not shot first and looked later in tense situations…

    This crazy need for speed and to get things done has its rewards but also has its costs, which we dont or do not want to calculate…procastination would indeed help the world to consider life more peacefully and wholistically.

    Best Regards,

    Harish Nair

  • 11. Ayush  |  April 2, 2008 at 7:58 am

    I am not aware in what light was my comment viewed.
    Perhaps one would agree to the fact – Justice delayed is Justice Denied. Similarly, when one procrtinates, one is mentally acting (deciding) on inaction.


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