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Being a leader is the most important part of leading; you can’t do one without the other and making smart and prepared decisions is the key to being a great leader. 

There are two major types of Leadership. The first, and by far the most effective, is LEADERSHIP BY AUTHORITY of, and with the sympathy of your followers. The second is LEADERSHIP BY FORCE, which does not have the consent and sympathy of your followers. 

History is filled with PROOF that Leadership by Force JUST cannot endure. The downfall and disappearance of dictators, corrupt regimes, Kings and Czars is REAL important when trying to understand this statement, all you have to think about is how the eventual end of these types of governments and leaders came about. It means that people will not follow forced leadership indefinitely. But they will follow, that much history has shown us.  They are just following until something better or a chance to overthrow and change comes along.  And your leadership by authority is what came along.   

All great leaders have a list of major attributes that run common through them.  There can be slight differences but the list of the following 10 key attributes will transform you into that great leader you want to be.  The following is a list of what is generally believed to be the qualities of a leader who positively reinforces and brands their company with the mark of excellence that motivates their people to move mountains for them! 

Courage:  Nobody wants to be the follower to a leader who lacks self confidence, and courage in himself.  And for that matter if you do lack confidence and courage in yourself you will not lead long as you will soon be the follower to one of your ex-followers. 

Control:  You need to control yourself in the face of adversity.  You need to control yourself in all phases of your daily life.  No one respects a leader who regularly explodes.  It breeds dissention in the ranks.  It breeds a negative atmosphere.  It breeds fear from your employees.  And the ability to control yourself and remain calm in all ways presents a tremendous example to all in your employee.    

Integrity: Without a sense of fairness and integrity, not leader can lead.  You would require no less from your employees why should they expect less from you

Decisiveness:  It really does not get more important than this.  A wish-washy leader is not a leader for long, as someone from within the ranks will show their ability to lead from strong decision making and you will soon find yourself working for them or worse working somewhere else.  You cannot be unsure in your decisions as it projects quickly to your employees and a person who cannot be sure of himself in the midst of decision making shows his employees that they can never be sure that they will make the right choice, or worse, any choice at all.  This also is a great way for the employee to take advantage, as they will play upon your indecisiveness and make their choices happen and negatively influence yours.  Decide and stick to your guns.   

Cooperation:  The successful leader must cooperate with all levels and expect and even demand the same back.  Without an open air of cooperation and communication throughout you are destined for failure.  Remember here, in order to expect a level of full cooperation from all departments and from yours, you must first be willing to cooperate fully as well.  Leadership calls for power and power comes from cooperation. 

Responsibility:  There can be no, I do not know, I will get back to you on that or it was not my fault in your vocabulary.  You must take full responsibility for everything that happens in your division.  A great leader is capable and willing to take on the responsibility of all of the errors or mistakes of his followers, or again – he will become one of the followers.  If one of your team makes the mistake or fails, then it is you who has made that mistake or has failed.  But in that failure, remember there is always the recipe for greater success, just be sure you assumed its responsibility. 

Doing more than expected (or paid for): One of the penalties for being that great leader that you are is your going to do more than you require of your followers.  I remember many an occasion when I was picking, packing, wrapping and getting product ready to ship for one of the companies I worked for.  Now many of the other Directors went home and had a great dinner with their families.  I and my team stayed late, and made sure that our customers were taken care of, it should be part of your job description.  The biggest pet peeve for me has always been the employee who cries “It’s not my job,” that employee should be looking for a different job, at a different company.  And you will never be afforded the opportunity to use that line, because as the leader all jobs are your job.  Be sure you understand how and why each position exists in your company and be prepared to fill in when asked and fill in often when not asked!

A definite plan/goal:  We will touch on this many times during the training here, but a great leader “plans his work and works his plan.”  A leader who works by guessing will not be a leader long.  You must decide what and when and then make it happen.  Yes, tweaks are allowed and even required, but you must have a vision of how and when always ready to work from, or else you will be like a sail boat with no sails.  You may eventually reach your destination, but that will be from sheer luck.  Odds are greater that you will just sail aimlessly and in circles. 

Personality (strong and pleasing): Sloppy and weak leaders are short lived.  Leadership calls for respect and we know that respect is earned.  Forced respect does not exist – it only translates to fear.  And fear of leadership creates animosity and bitterness, and hostility; all traits of the ex-leaders team.  Among your pleasing personal traits are your ability to dress well and dress the part, a bright and pleasing smile and the ability to really understand the importance of a great handshake.  Coworkers and followers will thrive on your positive personality; you will starve from your bad one. 

Understanding:  The understanding and sympathetic leader, leads forever.  But beware; empty sympathy just like empty compliments will doom you to failure.  Your people will know when you are full of hot air, just like you know when someone else is.  Understand your people and their problems, and be there for them, always.  Leadership by authority or consent is just a positive way to bring the troops in line, show everyone that you care and that you will breed mutual concern and cooperation in a positive and thoughtful manner.  I can’t say it enough:

 “They do not care what you know, until they know that you care.” 

By now you must realize that if there are Ten Positive traits of a Great Leader that there are going to be Ten negative traits of the failed leader. 

And here they are.   

Inability to Organize:  Whether this is your daily planner, your long range goal or the Company Holiday party, your inability to organize will be your downfall.  Many people believe that Knowledge id Power, what they fail to realize is that ORGANIZED knowledge is power.  Knowledge by itself is great I your playing trivial pursuit, if you want to go far, you will need to know how to organize it to its fullest advantage.

Lack of Flexibility:  If you will not do more than is asked of you, if you cannot and will not perform the duties of those who work for you when called upon and if you cannot realize that the greatest constant in your career will be change you are doomed to fail. 

Arrogance:  The world will pay you not for what you know, but for what you do with what you know or how you help others succeed with what you have taught them. 

Fear from Competition:  In all actuality any of the 6 great fears (discussed later) will create a losing situation for you the great leader.  But if you fear competition in any way, failure is soon to follow.  You cannot fear hiring the best talent available, as it is proof in your confidence and in your ability to create the best team possible.  Your ability to hire, train, mentor and motivate is paramount in the process of creating the world’s best team.  Multiplying you and then delegating duties shows true leadership.  You cannot fear anything your competition does as you know that you and your assemble group will outdo anything that can, quicker and better. 

Lack of imagination:  Death of a Leader.  You must continually come up with and reinvent the wheel.  Without imagination how are you to “react” in an emergency or create those incredible sales plans?

Selfishness:  If you are going to claim all the rewards for the accomplishments of your team then you are sure to be without a team.  The real great leaders do not wish any of the honors that go with the accomplishments but would rather them bestowed upon his workers, creating an atmosphere conducive to growth and achievement!

Hedonism:  Followers do not respect a hedonistic leader, and more importantly any leader who shows signs of hedonism will eventually destroy the endurance and vivacity of all that work with him. 

Disloyalty:  This may be the number one fault.  A leader who cannot be loyal to those above him and below him will not maintain his leadership for very long.  Disloyalty is actually one of the greatest causes of failure in every walk of life and in every profession. 

Highlighting Authority:  A great leader leads by encouragement.  He leads by teaching, coaxing, mentoring and working closely with those that follow him.  Leaders who either force their lead or continually boast about it are doomed from the start.   

Importance of Title:  Similar to the previous flaw in leadership, flaunting your title or boasting about it will only breed dissention and hatred.  The great leader needs no recognition of Specific Title; he is leader by default and commands the respect the position deserves. 


This is a great time for you to go back and read again the ten traits of a great leader

You should go back and go over the ten traits listed above and on a scale of 1 to 10 grade yourself.  If you cannot be totally honest with yourself ask a well-trusted friend to grade you. Being a great leader means you score high.  It is not required that you have to score high now, it just means you now know where you may need work, and as you continue to read, you will get all of the needed guidance.   

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Ya-ttitude: Getting Personal

Positive Ya-ttitude has its Advantages

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Whatever it is you want to accomplish it must start out with a plan.

I cannot say this to you enough times.  Whatever you want to accomplish in your life – It must start out with your plan. 

Your plan, backed by your strong emotional desire will be the first ingredient in your success. 

I am hoping you are starting to get the idea here. 

Your Plan is what will drive your life to your dreams. 

Say it to yourself now! 

My great future, my success, my dreams and desires will all come true, but to make this happen I need to start my plan. 

Now personalize it and shout it out to yourself – tell it to YOU – As if you were telling it to the whole world! 

Benny, listen to me Benny – Your life’s goal, your dreams, your success it is all going to happen – you will make it happen, because you want it to happen more than anything else in your life – it is your’s for the taking –but to make it all  START THAT PLAN NOW! 

And it would not hurt at all if you did this to yourself a few times in a row – keep doing it until you get up and start that plan. 

So now we have realized that we need a plan.  I have used the word “ingredient” a few times in my blogs, so maybe the Plan is your Recipe for Success. 

Call it whatever works best for you.  It is YOUR life – Your Plan – Your Desire and Your Success that is going to be achieved.

Till Next Time…


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Ya-ttitudes of the Successful

Positive Ya-ttitude has its Advantages

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Successful people have many positive attitudes. I am going to touch on three positive attitude traits that I feel are particularly important enthusiasm, persistence and desire. I received a tremendous amount of email over the weekend to the homework question that I posed to you.  And I fully intended on hitting my blog with a continuation of the ideas we started upon.  But today was an interesting day around the office.  We all seem to have that one person that works in our office that no matter how hard we try to avoid the venom-filled flavor-of-the-day they are able to work their way under your skin.   

To that end, I give you this…  Smile! 

Yes a simple smile.  I simply tell you that no matter how hard someone tries to send those negative vibes your way – smiling will not allow them to enter your mind. 

Try it. 

When you feel the negativity approaching or you feel like you are starting to lose it…  Simply smile.   

You cannot think negative thoughts, you cannot feel negative vibes and you cannot be negative in any way when you are wearing a smile on your face.  No – this is not a kill-them-with-kindness approach in any form.  What it is, is a way for you to be protected from all the influences you do not want entering your conscience and sub conscience mind.   

 Positive Attitudes; The Big Three 

Enthusiasm: Enthusiasm will produce all the confidence necessary to announce to the world, “I have what it takes.”Enthusiasm is not that short-lived boost of energy we get when something positive happens.  Enthusiasm in successful people is long-lasting.  Life-lasting.  When you have enthusiasm in your life, you will maintain a more enjoyable and productive work and home.  You will be confident in every task you undertake and will exceed expectations in everything you do! 

 Remember – “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” – Emerson  

 Persistence:Persistence is critical. From every great failure, disappointment and heartache are born the ingredients to success.  No one achieves greatness until they have failed, get used to it – embrace it and use it to your advantage.  Try to find the positive in every situation, in every event in every thing you do everyday.  The ability to put behind you the bad and assimilate the good from every experience is exactly what will take you to the next level and then to the one after that! 

 Remember: Never, never, never give up!  

Intense desire: Desire is not wishing or wanting. 

When you wish upon a star 

It all works great in a Disney Movie.  And sometimes it even happens in real life; the great law of averages sees to that, but it is not the way you are going to succeed in life.  Here is a little mission for you.  Go out and ask the first twenty people you know “What they want most in life?”  Nineteen of them will not even know what to say to you.  But, press them a bit and from their mouths will come things like money, security, happiness, fame and fortune.  Perhaps they want to be a writer or an actor, a great sports figure and even the next American Idol, but guaranteed none of them will be able to define what the terms happiness, or fame or even fortune mean.  And worse none of them will have a plan with which they have hoped to attain these “wishes.”  Success does not respond to a wish.   

Success only responds to planning, backed up by strong emotional desires and consistent persistence in the attainment of your goal! 

You may want to read that last sentence a few times. 

Personalize it and say it to yourself a few hundred times.   

Shoot me an email if you need help personalizing that statement.   



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Ya-ttitude – A weekend of rest and relaxation (and a little homework).

Positive Ya-ttitude has its Advantages

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One of the things that I will talk about many times is your need to figure out a way to consistently split your day into three equal parts.  I recommend that you find a way to make you day a set of three 8-hour sessions. 

The first eight hours are for work, your job, your career, the place that brings in the money so you can pay those bills.  The second eight is for sleep.  Without a good, restful, dreamful and self conscience motivated eight hours of sleep your productivity will quickly diminish.  The final eight hours are yours.  Do with them what you please.  Things that you enjoy. 

That can be reading to further your career, working on your goals in life, volunteering or helping your kids with their science projects.  That is sort of the point of my writing today.  It is the weekend and I want to give you a more laid back, relaxed view of what we are going to do together over the next few months and you are going to do for the rest of your life. 

First thing you really have to realize is that I am not going to preach.  I am not going to evangelize and I am not going to rile you up so you can go out and do what I suggest just to wake up tomorrow with an emotional hangover and nothing to show for it.  What I want is for us to build trust and a bond together.  I want you to realize that what I am going to share with you, and show you are not Secrets, but there are lots of little secrets, tricks, skill and tools that will help you to understand and apply it. 

The is no magic key to any of this, but there is many doors that we will go through, a few windows that we may have to climb through and I am betting we may even run into the occasion chain-link fence, but together we will make all of those will open easily.  It is the weekend and I know how hard everyone works all week long.  I do too.  I know how much we want to spent time with our family over the weekend; I do too. 

So what I have in mind is just the first step.  It should take you a little while, but you and I both already know that you have been thinking about this for some time now.   I want you to find a piece of paper and a pencil and on that paper jot down what it is you want more than anything else.   

Your chief aim. Your goal. 

Your first step.

So when we get back to work on Monday you will have the first sentence of your plan.  Then we can begin to dive into the first point.  If you are finding it difficult please email me and I will be glad to assist you in a good, and proper method to use that will begin to open the path to you mind. 

 1. Your definitive plan, express by continuous and incessant action. 

Successful people move on their own initiative, but first – they know where they are going – Hill 

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Ya-ttitude – The Prequel

Positive Ya-ttitude has its Advantages

And A New Home

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(Still working on it – but why Procrastinate)

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The great disadvantage in bringing home these strategies and theories in a reading program or a book as opposed to being there, working with you on a one-on-one basis or even in a seminar is that it has to be done in generalities; wide use your imagination brush strokes; and then slowly refined as each chapter, paragraph and word unfolds before your eyes.

As you continue to read this you will need to stop every once in a while because you will feel a “Hmm” or “Aha” and then you are just going to have to stop and jot down a few notes. Your immediate feelings and ideas are important to record, so do it when you are hit with each epiphany. If you really set your mind to it and study exactly what I am showing you here you will have a great deal of those “aha’s” and that is a good thing.

You may want to read this with a highlighter or pencil in your hand, so when you come across something that triggers that “Hmmm” you can write it down (you can just notate it in the margin) and be sure to go back and study your ideas as you will realize how many of them you will generate; and you WILL generate many of them.

The great advantage in a course or book that you can work on alone (initially) comes from your ability to apply each one of these ideas (on your own at first) to your everyday life and understand where it fits in and how it will make you better in each and every way. It is a very personal issue the one of self improvement and of self mastery. It is your life-goal that we are talking about here, your chief aim and your plan for your life; very personal. Do not be in a hurry though; this is something that will take a little time getting to get used to and eventually sharing with your friends and relatives and the world will happen for you as it has for me and many of the people I have worked with previously. So the private reading works to your advantage; I actually will share with you a few secrets a bit later about private time and private readings that you should be doing and as you learn and adopt, will be doing.

As this program develops and grows with you; and it is designed to take you step-by-step through an entire growth process, always guiding you, always making you think and always making you want more you will realize that much of it may seem corny or cheesy and maybe even a bit too easy to be effective. But wouldn’t that be great! A program now exists out here, which is fun and easy to do, ties up all the details of all the other programs, taking all that is good, jettisoning all that is useless and creating the abridged version to wealth, success and happiness.

Now realize this is not something that I want you to think you can absorb and assimilate the first time you read all of this (also an advantage to having this in the written form and not something you watched unfold in a classroom). You are going to have to read it a few times – and I will often remind you of areas you may want to go back and revisit; especially those sentences that can and will change the directions of your thoughts and of your life.

You need to start by looking at this as a new way of thinking and working. It will include many new ideas, some old ideas but I am willing to bet you have thought of many of them just not in the manner in which they are about to be explained; and with direct points of how you can make use of the ideas. What I really want is for everyone to realize that this is not going to be a text-book lesson. It is not going to come across as the “I lecture – you get highly emotionalized – act-react” system. This is more akin to a group of friends, colleagues, business associates getting together and working on issues and questions together and working the answers as a Master Mind group. And we will dive deeply into the theory of Master Mind Groups later.

I want you to sit back and read this as it was meant to be delivered, for everyone. This is designed to provoke thoughts in your mind, and for you to learn how to motivate yourself into that highly emotionalized state. I do not want to directly instruct or lead you to do a thing, but as an indirect result of all that is to come, you will be more than you can ever have dreamt you would become. You will come to realize that this is an entire system on how to not only be successful in business and become financially wealthy but used in its entirety it will create an entire lifestyle that breeds positive attitude and approach that lend itself to all phases of life and all desires. Yes you can actually have what you want and be happy too.

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The 4-Step Plan to Success

Positive Ya-ttitude has its Advantages

And A New Home

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(Still working on it – but why Procrastinate)

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I have spent a great many years working on what I think is the ultimate, scaled-down version of the success plan.  I have read all the greats and the not-so-greats.  The obscure and the obvious.  But what I have come to learn is that the key to your success is not a secret.  I am going to – over the next few weeks – blog for you the general outline and then work the details of what I  know will make you successful – no matter how you define success…

Success, as it will be defined in these readings is multi-dimensional.  In your everyday life it will continually change and evolve. But what we can all agree on is this; if you are reading this it is that your ultimate goal is to be successful; not only in your professional life but in your personal life as well. Most people want to be rich and if you are not one of those you should probably stop reading about now. But remember being rich can be defined in a myriad of ways. For the purpose of this reading I will define it as being wealthy both financially and mentally.

Richness of mind and soul are definite parts of these ideas as it intertwines with economic richness too.

Success only responds to planning, backed up by strong emotional desires and consistent persistence in the attainment of your goal!  You may want to read that last sentence a few times. Personalize it and say it to yourself a few hundred times.

For the purpose of this initial writing I will outline my 4-step plan.  And then over the next few days and weeks I will fill in the blanks and expand the plan until you have a complete handy guide to success.

The four-step system to getting it all started.

1. Your definitive plan, expressed by continuous and incessant action.

2. Your definite purpose backed by a burning desire for its attainment.

3. Your mind tightly close to all negative influence. Those negative influences can come from places you least expect; friends, family and acquaintances.

4. Your Master Mind alliance with one or preferably more persons who will encourage and stand by you always helping you to follow your plan and your purpose

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