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I believe I may have spent more time trying to write the “About Me” section of this blog then I did writing any single one of the articles. 

My name is Benny Greenberg, like that really means anything to most of you, but I did want to get the formalities out of the way.  And that is because I really want this blog to be an informal approach to positive attitude. 

Growing up in Brooklyn, N.Y. (the god-den spot of the universe) many may say I still carry that New Yorker accent with me wherever I go, and in that I decided that Ya-ttitude is the perfect blending of my accent, having a positive attitude and keeping the Yes part of life in focus as opposed to the two-year olds “no” approach.

My business background is a mix of both the retail and wholesale worlds and filled with all the business skills any great sales person, marketer and product development guru may have (did the tongue-in-cheek thing work there?)  Seriously, I have spent the better part of the last twenty years of my life leading companies that were struggling or just beginning into a better place; perhaps with a better marketing campaign or maybe a simple tweak to the business plan.  My skills allow me to quickly understand and then adapt a methodology to the specific situation that you or your business looks to change.

You will not find me on the “speaking circuit” or on the “best sellers” list.  You will find me in one-on-one conversations or in a corporate sit-and-listen situation where I use my diverse background and often a few well-seasoned friend-experts to make positive changes in your company or your life. 

Hey I almost like this one…


3/15/08 –  Postscript #1:

There have been many-a-comment about my Brooklyn-Background and “things I can do and get in N.Y.”  So I wanted everyone who wrote in that does not know – yes I am a Brooklyn Boy – but for the time being I celebrate my NY Mets fandom in the Florida city of Melbourne.  


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  • 1. Kajal  |  March 31, 2008 at 9:37 pm


    Really nice topic! I read this a couple times already and some of the things that really struck me are:
    1. Planning- Often I think about some stuff but never write it down and/or don’t put them in action. WHY? Because I tend to push it off for a later date.
    2. The 8 hour plan- This is huge. I have started to write my plan for every hour and I just go by that. It works better for me on my
    3. Stop thinking and start acting- As simple as that.
    4. Public commitment- Here it is……

    NO more procrastination fo me Benny.



    Thanks for the comments K –

    I am very happy that some of my thoughts have rubbed off on you and have started to make a difference with you.
    I am more than happy to help you with your plan and plan of attack if you wish – just drop me a note



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