Ya-ttitude: Getting Personal

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Positive Ya-ttitude has its Advantages

And A New Home

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Whatever it is you want to accomplish it must start out with a plan.

I cannot say this to you enough times.  Whatever you want to accomplish in your life – It must start out with your plan. 

Your plan, backed by your strong emotional desire will be the first ingredient in your success. 

I am hoping you are starting to get the idea here. 

Your Plan is what will drive your life to your dreams. 

Say it to yourself now! 

My great future, my success, my dreams and desires will all come true, but to make this happen I need to start my plan. 

Now personalize it and shout it out to yourself – tell it to YOU – As if you were telling it to the whole world! 

Benny, listen to me Benny – Your life’s goal, your dreams, your success it is all going to happen – you will make it happen, because you want it to happen more than anything else in your life – it is your’s for the taking –but to make it all  START THAT PLAN NOW! 

And it would not hurt at all if you did this to yourself a few times in a row – keep doing it until you get up and start that plan. 

So now we have realized that we need a plan.  I have used the word “ingredient” a few times in my blogs, so maybe the Plan is your Recipe for Success. 

Call it whatever works best for you.  It is YOUR life – Your Plan – Your Desire and Your Success that is going to be achieved.

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