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Successful people have many positive attitudes. I am going to touch on three positive attitude traits that I feel are particularly important enthusiasm, persistence and desire. I received a tremendous amount of email over the weekend to the homework question that I posed to you.  And I fully intended on hitting my blog with a continuation of the ideas we started upon.  But today was an interesting day around the office.  We all seem to have that one person that works in our office that no matter how hard we try to avoid the venom-filled flavor-of-the-day they are able to work their way under your skin.   

To that end, I give you this…  Smile! 

Yes a simple smile.  I simply tell you that no matter how hard someone tries to send those negative vibes your way – smiling will not allow them to enter your mind. 

Try it. 

When you feel the negativity approaching or you feel like you are starting to lose it…  Simply smile.   

You cannot think negative thoughts, you cannot feel negative vibes and you cannot be negative in any way when you are wearing a smile on your face.  No – this is not a kill-them-with-kindness approach in any form.  What it is, is a way for you to be protected from all the influences you do not want entering your conscience and sub conscience mind.   

 Positive Attitudes; The Big Three 

Enthusiasm: Enthusiasm will produce all the confidence necessary to announce to the world, “I have what it takes.”Enthusiasm is not that short-lived boost of energy we get when something positive happens.  Enthusiasm in successful people is long-lasting.  Life-lasting.  When you have enthusiasm in your life, you will maintain a more enjoyable and productive work and home.  You will be confident in every task you undertake and will exceed expectations in everything you do! 

 Remember – “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” – Emerson  

 Persistence:Persistence is critical. From every great failure, disappointment and heartache are born the ingredients to success.  No one achieves greatness until they have failed, get used to it – embrace it and use it to your advantage.  Try to find the positive in every situation, in every event in every thing you do everyday.  The ability to put behind you the bad and assimilate the good from every experience is exactly what will take you to the next level and then to the one after that! 

 Remember: Never, never, never give up!  

Intense desire: Desire is not wishing or wanting. 

When you wish upon a star 

It all works great in a Disney Movie.  And sometimes it even happens in real life; the great law of averages sees to that, but it is not the way you are going to succeed in life.  Here is a little mission for you.  Go out and ask the first twenty people you know “What they want most in life?”  Nineteen of them will not even know what to say to you.  But, press them a bit and from their mouths will come things like money, security, happiness, fame and fortune.  Perhaps they want to be a writer or an actor, a great sports figure and even the next American Idol, but guaranteed none of them will be able to define what the terms happiness, or fame or even fortune mean.  And worse none of them will have a plan with which they have hoped to attain these “wishes.”  Success does not respond to a wish.   

Success only responds to planning, backed up by strong emotional desires and consistent persistence in the attainment of your goal! 

You may want to read that last sentence a few times. 

Personalize it and say it to yourself a few hundred times.   

Shoot me an email if you need help personalizing that statement.   



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  • 1. Cathy Wohlberg - Craig  |  March 10, 2008 at 5:39 pm

    Hi Benny
    Thank you for your words – It is amazing how powerful these 3 simple words really are. These basic principles are not foreign to us as they have been ingrained in our heads since childhood – we know what they mean but what we lack sometimes is the wherewithal to reach for what is right in front of our faces. Like you said success does not respond to a wish – it is up to us to turn wishes and dreams into a reality.


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