Ya-ttitude – The Prequel

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Positive Ya-ttitude has its Advantages

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The great disadvantage in bringing home these strategies and theories in a reading program or a book as opposed to being there, working with you on a one-on-one basis or even in a seminar is that it has to be done in generalities; wide use your imagination brush strokes; and then slowly refined as each chapter, paragraph and word unfolds before your eyes.

As you continue to read this you will need to stop every once in a while because you will feel a “Hmm” or “Aha” and then you are just going to have to stop and jot down a few notes. Your immediate feelings and ideas are important to record, so do it when you are hit with each epiphany. If you really set your mind to it and study exactly what I am showing you here you will have a great deal of those “aha’s” and that is a good thing.

You may want to read this with a highlighter or pencil in your hand, so when you come across something that triggers that “Hmmm” you can write it down (you can just notate it in the margin) and be sure to go back and study your ideas as you will realize how many of them you will generate; and you WILL generate many of them.

The great advantage in a course or book that you can work on alone (initially) comes from your ability to apply each one of these ideas (on your own at first) to your everyday life and understand where it fits in and how it will make you better in each and every way. It is a very personal issue the one of self improvement and of self mastery. It is your life-goal that we are talking about here, your chief aim and your plan for your life; very personal. Do not be in a hurry though; this is something that will take a little time getting to get used to and eventually sharing with your friends and relatives and the world will happen for you as it has for me and many of the people I have worked with previously. So the private reading works to your advantage; I actually will share with you a few secrets a bit later about private time and private readings that you should be doing and as you learn and adopt, will be doing.

As this program develops and grows with you; and it is designed to take you step-by-step through an entire growth process, always guiding you, always making you think and always making you want more you will realize that much of it may seem corny or cheesy and maybe even a bit too easy to be effective. But wouldn’t that be great! A program now exists out here, which is fun and easy to do, ties up all the details of all the other programs, taking all that is good, jettisoning all that is useless and creating the abridged version to wealth, success and happiness.

Now realize this is not something that I want you to think you can absorb and assimilate the first time you read all of this (also an advantage to having this in the written form and not something you watched unfold in a classroom). You are going to have to read it a few times – and I will often remind you of areas you may want to go back and revisit; especially those sentences that can and will change the directions of your thoughts and of your life.

You need to start by looking at this as a new way of thinking and working. It will include many new ideas, some old ideas but I am willing to bet you have thought of many of them just not in the manner in which they are about to be explained; and with direct points of how you can make use of the ideas. What I really want is for everyone to realize that this is not going to be a text-book lesson. It is not going to come across as the “I lecture – you get highly emotionalized – act-react” system. This is more akin to a group of friends, colleagues, business associates getting together and working on issues and questions together and working the answers as a Master Mind group. And we will dive deeply into the theory of Master Mind Groups later.

I want you to sit back and read this as it was meant to be delivered, for everyone. This is designed to provoke thoughts in your mind, and for you to learn how to motivate yourself into that highly emotionalized state. I do not want to directly instruct or lead you to do a thing, but as an indirect result of all that is to come, you will be more than you can ever have dreamt you would become. You will come to realize that this is an entire system on how to not only be successful in business and become financially wealthy but used in its entirety it will create an entire lifestyle that breeds positive attitude and approach that lend itself to all phases of life and all desires. Yes you can actually have what you want and be happy too.


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The 4-Step Plan to Success Ya-ttitude – A weekend of rest and relaxation (and a little homework).

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