Ya-ttitude – A weekend of rest and relaxation (and a little homework).

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Positive Ya-ttitude has its Advantages

And A New Home

Come see out New Diggs

(Still working on it – but why Procrastinate)

Come in for A Spell

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One of the things that I will talk about many times is your need to figure out a way to consistently split your day into three equal parts.  I recommend that you find a way to make you day a set of three 8-hour sessions. 

The first eight hours are for work, your job, your career, the place that brings in the money so you can pay those bills.  The second eight is for sleep.  Without a good, restful, dreamful and self conscience motivated eight hours of sleep your productivity will quickly diminish.  The final eight hours are yours.  Do with them what you please.  Things that you enjoy. 

That can be reading to further your career, working on your goals in life, volunteering or helping your kids with their science projects.  That is sort of the point of my writing today.  It is the weekend and I want to give you a more laid back, relaxed view of what we are going to do together over the next few months and you are going to do for the rest of your life. 

First thing you really have to realize is that I am not going to preach.  I am not going to evangelize and I am not going to rile you up so you can go out and do what I suggest just to wake up tomorrow with an emotional hangover and nothing to show for it.  What I want is for us to build trust and a bond together.  I want you to realize that what I am going to share with you, and show you are not Secrets, but there are lots of little secrets, tricks, skill and tools that will help you to understand and apply it. 

The is no magic key to any of this, but there is many doors that we will go through, a few windows that we may have to climb through and I am betting we may even run into the occasion chain-link fence, but together we will make all of those will open easily.  It is the weekend and I know how hard everyone works all week long.  I do too.  I know how much we want to spent time with our family over the weekend; I do too. 

So what I have in mind is just the first step.  It should take you a little while, but you and I both already know that you have been thinking about this for some time now.   I want you to find a piece of paper and a pencil and on that paper jot down what it is you want more than anything else.   

Your chief aim. Your goal. 

Your first step.

So when we get back to work on Monday you will have the first sentence of your plan.  Then we can begin to dive into the first point.  If you are finding it difficult please email me and I will be glad to assist you in a good, and proper method to use that will begin to open the path to you mind. 

 1. Your definitive plan, express by continuous and incessant action. 

Successful people move on their own initiative, but first – they know where they are going – Hill 


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Ya-ttitude – The Prequel Ya-ttitudes of the Successful

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