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Ya-ttitude: Give and Take

Positive Ya-ttitude has its Advantages

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D0 you have those days when you just read something and it makes you go – Ohhhhhh!

Well today was definitely one of those days.  I was reading some of the blogs that are on my “feedburner and ran across a blog called In Worship and on it was a Post called “Are you a Consumer.”  I want to make sure that credit is given where credit is due, so I believe this blog pointed back to this web page.  This being fair and nice to each other thing can be time consuming and tedious and a real bit of work, but it’s what we are supposed to be all about – isn’t it?  Well with all of the official business out of the way – and a special thanks to Brett and Joshua for being my inspiration today.

Let’s talk about Production vs. Consumption

Ya-ttitude Style!

The “thought-inducing”  quote was simple – by Albert Hsu.

 “The opposite of consumption is production. It takes far more time and energy to create something than to consume something. It takes a novelist a year to write a book that someone can read in a few days… [Often] our only recreational activities are actions of consumption.”

Now that statement taken at face value might just be a “pat on the back” for Mr. Hsu and the amount of time it takes to write is book(s) and the amount of time he believes it takes to read them.  Or maybe he was trying to create that new Buzz word that is all the rage – Prosumer – the combination of Producer and Consumer – but then again – depending on the person using it and the article you read – sometimes it means Professional and Consumer and that would just throw that whole idea out the window – so damn him – what was he trying to tell us? 

Prosumer – the combination of a producer and consumer – shouldn’t that be what we are all about?  Well we all have to consume to live – and we all have to produce to live – so be we all prosumers?  The real big question here is what are we consuming and what are we producing.  I have read the phrase “crap in – crap out” a few times over the last day and a half, as I thought about how to write this and what I wanted this to be written about.  And I have decided that in all its simplicity – it is quite the statement. 

The Golden Rule notwithstanding – there is some definite thought-inducing magic in that simple quote (both perhaps).

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”– A definite Prosumerish statement. 

Think about it – if you consume all good things – shouldn’t you be more than able to produce “good things.”   

Production: In the simplest of terms we were “produced” and given life.

How we consume our lives and how we allow our lives to be consumed is much deeper a statement.

What we consume during our lives and what we allow ourselves to consume is a much more important statement.

Are our lives consumed with positive thoughts, creating positive results making a positive world?

Are we consumed by negative thoughts, always dwelling on the negative, spewing negative ideas and being the downer who needs the over-abundance of cheap hooch to temporarily delay the inevitable?

Remember – Negative begets negative – do not be negative – stay away from the negative words, thoughts and people.  Give those negative vibes a positive spin, make sure you surround yourself with positives, as much as you possibly can.  (Hey – I live in the real world too – I know that it is possible – give it a try and see for yourself)

That may be the difference between the products that are the result of our consumption.

Is what is left over after our lives are consumed pure waste material – or is there something special there – something that will live on.

Have you allowed you life to be consumed by a plan, an aim or a goal to leave a mark on society; a bright, cheery and positive mark?

Have you gone out of your way to make a difference, lend a helping hand, volunteer or spread a positive outlook.

Have you consumed positive energy and given back positive energy.  Do you surround yourself with all the good things that life has to offer and in turn produce within yourself the greatest gift you can give back – a fantastic relative, friend, associate and human being. 

Remember if you are consuming more from society then you are giving back – there will be a shortage, so be sure to spread the wealth!  Give back as much – Give back more than you consume – It is the one thing that opens the door (no KEY needed) to your success – to your future – to your BRIGHT and SUCCESFUL Future!

BTW:  This can be as simple as saying “Bless You” when someone sneezes or “Thank You” when someone holds the door for you.  It does not have to be grandiose – it has to be genuine.  It starts with the right Ya-ttitude – a Positive Ya-ttitude. 

And then grows and develops into a YA-TTITUDE!

Interesting concept… Indeed

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April 2, 2008 at 12:26 pm 4 comments

Ya-ttitude: Mail Call

Positive Ya-ttitude has its Advantages

And A New Home

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(Still working on it – but why Procrastinate)

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I recently received this comment in regards to the Procrasti-NATION posts.

I understand where you are coming from. Yet I believe procrastination whether it’s a virtue or a vice is totally dependent on the context. In many cases, we do not like to do something and push it for later, for reasons that we understand or we don’t, somehow there would be something that holds us back…its at times like these, to go against our normal pressure to act and resolve, that I advise that we stop and ponder. Indeed, procrastination is our intuitive mechanism asking for time…and I think it’s many times wiser to listen to it.

The western concept of action and indeed mindless action and speed and goals and targets and such has created a society where time has lost its beauty and man is just a small cog in a mindless machine processing life in quantity rather than quality. So whilst, its important to do what you should and must do, its important to heed to your intuition and that small voice which asks for a delay…not listening to it may get you a small tick on your to do list, but you will never know what is lost and what could have happened had you waited.

Finally, procrastination would have saved billions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives if Bush had procrastinated… hundreds of lives would have been saved had those cops not shot first and looked later in tense situations…

This crazy need for speed and to get things done has its rewards but also has its costs, which we don’t or do not want to calculate…procrastination would indeed help the world to consider life more peacefully and holistically.


My first reaction was that this was more a “poking fun” email at the whole Procrastination theory.  But boy was I wrong.  This is a serious email, from a serious member of the Card-Carrying Cartel of Procrasti-NATION.  This is a big one boys and girls.  I am going to have at it, and then I want to read what you have to say about it as well!

Vice or virtue; totally dependent on context:

Imagine that – vices could be shrugged off based on context – too cool.  Better not tell my wife though.  Procrastination is what it is – putting off till a later time what you should be doing now; but for purposes of this email – let me define procrastination…

pro�cras�ti�nate audio� (pr-krst-nt, pr-)

To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.

Still say – please do not tell my wife – because if I can get away with carelessness or laziness and pass it off as a virtue – man-oh-man would my life become a waste!  But a virtuous waste! 

So in what context can we say that being lazy or careless becomes a virtue? I am still thinking…

     Push it off till later: Sometimes we know why – Sometimes we don’t:

Well at least we are staying cognizant.  I know that many people argue the point that “everything that happens does not have to have a reason.”  But this is really pushing the point.  I think we are confusing instinct, or gut feelings maybe even, dare I say, intuition with procrastination.  There is a huge difference.  Stopping to think over a situation is not a crime, nor is it procrastination.  Pushing that situation off to another time, because we just do not feel like doing it – that is procrastination.  I agree, we need to listen to those inner voices and feelings.  As we grow more and more experienced those voices and feeling become better and better at warning us about things to think twice about.  Is that procrastination by decision – I think not!

   Mindless actions of  Western Culture/ Lost Beauty / Small Cogs and what we may have missed out on:

There is definitely a lot to ponder there; so one step at a time.  One of the first traits of a successful person – and that does not matter how you decide to define your own success – is to define your goals and give them targeted dates.  Whether you are aspiring to be a Doctor or working on your tan at the beach – both as a set goal and time table if you are going to be successful at it.  Staying out to long in the sun and you get burned – so that mindlessness that you went with – as opposed to creating a plan of action and a set time table – well it did not work well did it now? 

I wonder why anyone would think about not watching a great sunset or your children growing up.  If you successfully plan out your days, weeks and life – you miss nothing.  Try a Basic plan like creating a three-part day is a great place to start.  8hrs of work, 8 hrs of sleep and 8 hrs to enjoy life – however you see fit – great place to start.   I work hard, I have plans and goals and aims, I try my hardest to not put anything off (I mean we are all human) but I do not allow the beauty in my life to be lost.  Baseball games with the boys (even Wrestlemania this weekend – In Orland0 – wonder if that can be construed as a waste of time – But it is my time with the kids – so beauty gained – not lost) college-searching with my daughter and sunsets at the pool with my wife – all great things to do, and they even are part of my plan.  I read great books at lunch and enjoy a great cup of coffee and some Florida sunshine – and still get my work done.  One of the great ways to accomplish this is to try to do that ONE item on you to-do list that you really do not want to do as your first item of the day – every day.  Try if for one month – and watch how easily it became habit and now is the way you start your day.  Once the crap is out of the way – every day is a grand day! 

You’re a small cog – when you think small.  Think Big, plan big, work big and you will be the engine that runs it all, not just a jammed gear in the workings. 

I wonder – if I waited and missed out – would I know?  Just as easy an arguable point as waiting to find out what it was I missed out on.  Odds are I missed out on an opportunity that I cannot get back.  And if you acted and made a mistake – so what – you learned, you got up, brushed yourself of and went back to work, smarter for the event.  It is a rare occasion that greater things happen from waiting – success does not wait for anyone – it has its own fast-acting time table – catch it before it passes you by!

Billions of dollars and thousands of lives – shoot first, ask questions later!

I really am not going to bring my political stance or anyone else’s into this argument – not fair and not going to get us anywhere.  Hind sight is a wonderful tool.  It allows all the procrastinators to sit on there middle of the fence and point at all those on either side screaming “I told you so!”  How many lives would have been lost if we did not invade?  I do not know – would history have gone in another direction – would Iraq have acquired weapons powerful enough to do some real Mid-East damage?  Would he have lit the match that started a war in the Middle East without America’s involvement?  I do not know and neither do you – and those great experts.  This I can say – we have the best system of Government in the World, and the people doing what they do best did what they thought was best, we put them there to do it and they did.  I am not going to go any further on the political front.  But – check history for wars and battles started because of the inability to make a clear cut decision and those that never happened because one was made!

Cops that shot first – another touchy subject.  I have quite a few friends who are police.  I wonder if I received a phone call from one of their wives or kids telling me to come to their funeral because he did not shoot first – how I would feel.  We live in a tough world.  I cannot count how many fewer people would be dead or how many more would be if you asked first vs. shot first – and the real tough part there – is neither can anyone else. 

You can not calculate the many things in life – but what you can be sure of – there is no advantage to waiting till tomorrow to do something that you could have gotten finished today – easy – to paraphrase your context:  You waste time – you let the beauty pass YOU by – because you have to do it tomorrow – when you could have been enjoying your day!

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March 27, 2008 at 12:05 pm 1 comment

Ya-ttitude: Battle Lines are Drawn

Positive Ya-ttitude has its Advantages

And A New Home

Come see out New Diggs

(Still working on it – but why Procrastinate)

Come in for A Spell

And Help us Spread the Word!


Procrasti-NATION has held a stronghold over the United Attributes of Initiative for quite a long time; millennia perhaps.  But with success on the line; your very future at risk, and the dreams and desires we all hold close to our heart being threatened, those Attributes have taken hold and are making a major push to the enemy line. 

Procrasti-NATION, a much larger land mass than any of those areas of individual enterprise is a scary foe; except when each of the 25 separate Attributes come together and form a more perfect union. 

The United Attributes of Initiative; A collective of the greatest personality traits and skills joining forces for the common good.  A skill-set that has no match except the Omni-present – Procrasti-NATION.

Ladies and gentleman in this corner weighing in at just over two percent of the current population: Personal Initiative!

And in this corner – where 98 percent of the population is affected, where the wheels of business come to a grinding halt, an area of blank stares and nothingness, the place where dreams go to die and plans never happen and where the woes of the world are over looked for the joys of, of, nothing… Procrasti-NATION!

Before the details of the invasion are brought forth in the entire magnificent splendor that only Walt Disney could have dreamed, let me detail for you the members of the United Attributes of Initiative:

  1. Definite Aims and Goals
  2. Motivation and emotional Desire to achieving the goal
  3. A Master Mind/Think Tank of like and  complimentary minds
  4. Self Reliance
  5. Dependability
  6. Thoroughness over Speed
  7. Discipline
  8. Persistence
  9. Follow Through
  10. Applied Faith
  11. Positive Mental Attitude
  12. Compassion
  13. Patience
  14. The Will to Win
  15. Imagination/Creativity
  16. Quick and Definite Decision Making
  17. Willingness to go Extra Mile and then some
  18. Enthusiastic Persona/Aura
  19. Detail Orient
  20. Equal abilities to dish out as well as take
  21. Familiarity with Motivation techniques
  22. Ability to Focus
  23. Responsibility
  24. Accountability
  25. Willingness to share blame and glory

There is no doubt in my mind that all of you are familiar with a great deal of these attributes.  I am sure that all of you have some, a few, or most of these attributes.  Hey – it may even be one of those “Hmmm” moments where you sit back and say – “Damn – I have that skill!”  But having only one or some of these attributes will only serve you as a foundation to the creation of your most powerful ally and army – the one that takes down Procrasti-Nation

The key to winning this war, this take over, this “future is so bright, I have to wear shades“, outlook is creating that plan that will carry through to working your definite aims and goals to your success (yes – this is where it all began a few posts ago when we discussed 4-Stepac Plan to Success). The purpose of the way this is written is to show you that you cannot achieve it all over night. 

You need the early writings to develop a set of skills and goals to take you through each of the next steps.  So in my opinion it is a good time to go over the initial posts from the first to this current;  Jot down some of the Hmmm’s and Aha’s and email me with questions, comments, or as always feel free to post below. 

March 20, 2008 at 4:24 pm 2 comments

Procrasti-NATION: ID Card and More…

Positive Ya-ttitude has its Advantages

And A New Home

Come see out New Diggs

(Still working on it – but why Procrastinate)

Come in for A Spell

And Help us Spread the Word!

I.D. Card;Procrasti-NATION

Based on my last blog post… 

Procrasti-NATION The Masses have spoken; and here is the first example (Thanks Tim).

Yes, literally hundreds of you have asked me for an “ID CARD” so you can either be counted as a Denizen of Procrasti-NATION or you can use it to burn as you secede from the Union!

You can do one of two things: Take your time, or   Hurry up   

That of course all depends on side of the upcoming war you are supporting.  

Rumors abound about an imminent invasion of Procrasti-NATION by the allied minds of Ya-ttitude; but that is for yet another post. 

You can click the image above and it will give you a full-size image that you can copy and paste or save for your editing.  Or for the truly creative – I want to see your original version of an “official” I.D. Card/Draft Card.   

Once you have created your I.D. Card – submit it via email to me and I will post each and every one of them up here on the blog and on the new Procrasti-Nation web site (working it as I write).   

Then, for those of you who are defecting, have defected or are planning your defection from Procrasti-NATION – a creative little video would be cool. 

 Burning your Procrasti-NATION Draft cards/I.D. cards (did I let a few hints slip away?)  I fully intend to post every video and entry onto the blog and site.  Let me hear from you people!  Benny

Update: 3/22/09 – The Battle Over Procrasti-NATION has begun!

March 15, 2008 at 6:00 am 6 comments

Ya-ttitude: Procrasti-NATION

Positive Ya-ttitude has its Advantages

And A New Home

Come see out New Diggs

(Still working on it – but why Procrastinate)

Come in for A Spell

And Help us Spread the Word!

Stand at attention and face your future.

Place your right hand over your eyes and your left hand over your mouth.

Persons dressed in Procrasti-Nation’s official uniform should remain silent (as usual).

Face reality and render your self “ready to submit” to those who have decided its time!

Repeat after me…

I pledge allegiance

To a reality

That I have no control over

I can’t decide

I won’t decide

Maybe I’ll play with Rover

Ya – there you go “the official” Pledge of the large populous of Procrasti-Nation.

It seems that 98% of the people of our great nation are also card-carrying members of Procrasti-Nation; the group of people who do not achieve anything because they just cannot make a decision. Any decision would be good, but they cannot muster up the [imagine all the words (email me Your thoughts) we are going to fill this spot in with] to just decide! Great Leaders have the skill to make a decision and follow through with it. Ex-Leaders, wannabe-leaders, never-was-a leaders tend to procrastinate. “Let me get back to you, I am going to have to give that some thought, Let’s have a meeting about that tomorrow” are just a few of the great alibi’s of the Procrasti-Nation.

It has often been said that making a decision – any decision is better than making no decision at all. A truth be know – it is correct. The more decisions you make the better at them you become. I am not telling you to make an uneducated decision, but your troops, your workers, your fellow-employees want to look up to you and the only way to make that a reality is to take the decision-making bull by the horn and decide.

Now, that does not mean you can’t make a mistake in a decision or have to tweak your initial plan and more than one tweak is expected but what it does mean is you need to lead by making quick and clear-cut decisions or dissension in the ranks are sure to happen. People look up to those who make quick smart decisions and then stick to their guns. Wishy-washy gets you nothing and worse it gets you a mutiny.

When men and women who have experienced failure in one way or another are analyzed one of the key causes of this failure was a lack of ability when it came to decision making. Procrastination is the direct opposite of decision it is the “common enemy” the soldiers of Procrasti-Nation must learn to fight and defeat! People who make decision quickly and change them slowly, if at all, seem to always be those people that are in the lead, are making more money, have a greater group of followers, can rile the troops and garner the help of unlimited constituents. Yes, the ability to decide quickly is not only for business people who are looking to run a corporation, it works as well for leaders of volunteerism, rock bands, political parties and anyone looking to be successful in the venture they set out to accomplish. If you want to be the best web-designer, it begins with the decision that you are “going to be the best web designer.” You have decided what it is you are going to do, when you are going to do it and how you are going to accomplish all of these things you are going to accomplish. Yes – you decided. I know we are going to fail sometimes. If you do not fail sometimes you are never going to know when you have succeeded.

Your failures are simply building blocks, or ingredient to your recipe for success. We are all well aware of Hill’s great quote: “Every adversity, every failure, and every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”

Or the derivatives of it like “every cloud has a silver lining.” This topic needs a chapter all unto itself and we will discuss it later on in our studies.

Most people allow their decisions to be colored or discolored by the opinions of others; the newspapers or the water-cooler crowd fills their heads with the nonsense-of-the-day and this is the surest way to an end.

Opinions are the world’s best bargains. A-dime-a-dozen I believe someone once told me, I am betting I can get even a better deal. If you are consistently influenced by the ideas and opinions of others (who are not deciding to do anything either) you will never succeed in any of your goals, plans, or desires. Do you really need the opinions of anyone outside your immediate Master Mind group; People who are in complete harmony with your thoughts and motives behind your plans (more on the Master Mind group to come as well.)You have a brain, you have a mind, and you have desire and a plan. You are focused on where you want to be and how you are going to get there, so now decide on the action you are going to take and make it all a reality. If and when you need to acquire knowledge from other people, it would be advantageous for you to seek this information quietly; you need not tell the world what you are up to, at least not yet. You will get much farther in life with the theory of listen more and talk less.

There is a very specific reason you have two ears and one mouth, work that theory. People who talk too much generally have a love of their own voice and little else to back it up with. You will learn much more when you let others talk to you and you listen to what they all have to say. Of course you assimilate what is useful and toss aside the rest, but listening is the key to a working relationship; whether that is with your goals, your wife, your children or your employees – learning to listen will take you far.

If you can surround yourself with “experts” in each of the areas you may be seeking council all the better. Your immediate think-tank group will be of much more use than random knowledge of an ex trivial pursuit enthusiast; unless you are playing a game and not winning at life.

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March 10, 2008 at 3:37 pm 21 comments

Ya-ttitude: Defending the “If”

Positive Ya-ttitude has its Advantages

And A New Home

Come see out New Diggs

(Still working on it – but why Procrastinate)

Come in for A Spell

And Help us Spread the Word!

I really want to thank everyone who sent me email(s) in regards to and in response to the leadership blog from last week. I really never realized that it would strike up so much conversation and controversy as well as so many distinct points of view. I hope I answered all of you who have taken the time to send in your thoughts and comments in email. I have even visited all of the other sites and blogs (yes, every one) you have all sent me and commented wherever and whenever I had something of value to add.

I was going to start off in another direction today, but so much of the content in mail I received could be answered directly by a section that I read and loved from Napoleon Hill that I thought this might help many of you in your career goals and with your definite plan and the writing thereof.

I know that I have answered many emails and have started a few plans, and I will start a question/answer section on this blog shortly, as most of the questions would be of great use to the other readers. I, of course, will be seeking your permission to print your questions and answers – so fear not!

Many of the comments I receive include items from the list compiled by Old Man If (His list had fifty-seven, I could only compile 54 of his originals) that you will read below that I though I would just put together Hill’s List of alibis, so we can talk about them all in one place. I think he did a great job in compiling a definitive list – but I would love to receive more that you may have heard so I can add them to my list!

Tentatively called: The Anti Ya-ttitude.  


By Old Man IF 

  1. IF I didn’t have a wife and family . . .
  2. IF I had enough ‘pull’ . . .
  3. IF I had money . . .
  4. IF I had a good education . . .
  5. IF I could get a job . . .
  6. IF I had good health . . .
  7. IF I only had time . . .
  8. IF times were better . . .
  9. IF other people understood me . . .
  10. IF conditions around me were only different . . .
  11. IF I could live my life over again . . .
  12. IF I did not fear what ‘THEY’ would say . . .
  13. IF I had been given a chance . . .
  14. IF I now had a chance . . .
  15. IF other people didn’t ‘have it in for me’ . . .
  16. IF nothing happens to stop me . . .
  17. IF I were only younger . . .
  18. IF I could only do what I want . . .
  19. IF I had been born rich . . .
  20. IF I could meet ‘the right people’ . . .
  21. IF I had the talent that some people have . . .
  22. IF I dared assert myself . . .
  23. IF I only had embraced past opportunities . . .
  24. IF people didn’t get on my nerves . . .
  25. IF I didn’t have to keep house and look after the children . . .
  26. IF I could save some money . . .
  27. IF the boss only appreciated me . . .
  28. IF I only had somebody to help me . . .
  29. IF my family understood me . . .
  30. IF I lived in a big city . . .
  31. IF I could just get started . . .
  32. IF I were only free . . .
  33. IF I had the personality of some people . . .
  34. IF I were not so fat . . .
  35. IF my talents were known . . .
  36. IF I could just get a ‘break’ . . .
  37. IF I could only get out of debt . . .
  38. IF I hadn’t failed . . .
  39. IF I only knew how . . .
  40. IF everybody didn’t oppose me . . .
  41. IF I didn’t have so many worries . . .
  42. IF I could marry the right person . . .
  43. IF people weren’t so dumb . . .
  44. IF my family were not so extravagant . . .
  45. IF I were sure of myself . . .
  46. IF luck were not against me . . .
  47. IF I had not been born under the wrong star . . .
  48. IF it were not true that ‘what is to be will be’ . .
  49. IF I did not have to work so hard . . .
  50. IF I hadn’t lost my money . . .
  51. IF I lived in a different neighborhood . . .
  52. IF I didn’t have a ‘past’ . . .
  53. IF I only had a business of my own . . .
  54. IF other people would only listen to me . . .

Using alibis to defend ourselves is more popular than the Super Bowl. Imagine how much we could get accomplished if we spent as much time being creative with our lives and our plan and our jobs as we do with creating alibis. Breaking the habit of alibi-building and replacing it with a positive habit using the same imagination but towards a positive goal would make your goal of achieving success so much easier and bring it about so much quicker.

Building alibis with which to explain away our failures is counterproductive in many ways. The biggest way? Our failures are stepping stones to our success, without them we could never become successful. So do not alibi-away something important, use it as another ingredient in your Recipe to Success.


March 10, 2008 at 8:10 am 5 comments

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